Comments on Waltz with Bashir and Hunger (some spoilers)….

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Big Question

October 26, 2008

In a 1972 article Eric Hobsbawm noted that ‘Clearly the sense of belonging to an age-old tradition of rebellion provides emotional satisfaction, but how and why?’ That is the big question I am struggling with at the moment.

[I haven’t worked out how to do footnotes yet, but the article was ‘The Social Functions of the Past: Some Questions’, Past and Present 55 (1972), pp. 3-17]


October 26, 2008

I’ve recently been reading Freud’s The Uncanny, and wondering whether it is relevant to my work. I keep meaning to buy myself a copy but so far have been using one in the library. I arrived home last night, and found a copy on my doorstep in an unmarked envelope, no note. No emails to explain it either. I’ve been struggling to think who I’ve talked to about this who also knows where I live. A blank. Of all the books for this to happen with…!